We want your movie.

It’s that simple. We want to screen it. We want to talk about it.  We want to be an important step in your marketing campaign. But mostly we want to take your film on tour with us. We want audiences in several cities, in key demographics, to watch your film and provide feedback. And we want to share it with universities and colleges with first-class film and acting programs.

And if you can attend… we want you too.

We understand that film festivals are often expensive. For many filmmakers, the costs associated with attending festivals add-up to 25-50% of the film’s budget.  And in some cases that’s for a single festival. But at CTFF,  we are filmmakers too… so we know that the real problem is not simply the expense, but the low rate of return on your investment.

Too often, film festivals offer little real upside for the producers and directors that attend. They fail to promote the film and they fail to provide filmmakers with a substantive experience. Very few festivals help the filmmaker obtain take-away marketing materials like reviews, photos, footage or interview clips. We want to change that. That’s why CTFF is designed around the college town… where a community of students, academics and local media provide instant support and authentic champions for your project. Whether you attend or not we will provide you with a “filmmaker’s liaison” who will will help you come-away with reviews, feedback, interview opportunities, quotes and social media inroads… all of which will help you on your journey to market your film and embark on the next one.

And there’s an added benefit. You get to give a little too. You will be a part of panel discussions, round table forums and conversations with students about real world filmmaking: the economics, the art, the heartbreaks, the down-and-dirty trenches… and the joy.

So if you can… come give a little… and get a lot.

We accept fewer films than many fests (we think that’s a good thing) but we concentrate on shining a bright light on the films we program. And don’t forget, we take your film to college towns that support, understand and publicize  independent voices. If you’re looking for a film festival experience like no other and you want something other than a lousy gift bag to prove that you were there… submit to CTFF today.