Admit it.  You’re sick of Hollywood telling you what to watch.

We have a better idea. Leave the formula behind. Tell the marketing machine you’re taking the weekend off. And discover the passion and unique perspective of independent film. Go crazy… see a documentary. Let your hair down… watch a shorts program.

There is one major distinction between Independent films and mainstream Hollywood: indie films are manufactured out of passion and propelled to success based on audience support. By contrast, in today’s Hollywood,  the value of a film is determined in a board room months before an audience even knows it exists. Pre-release marketing, billboard campaigns and star-power are often all that matters. Very few films are permitted the luxury of finding an audience.

That’s why we decided to take the movies to the people. That’s why we’re not just a film festival… but a film tour.

And it’s why we need you. To be the be the catalyst… to be the champion of a movie that speaks to you, to be the audience member who stands up and says, “I love your movie, how can I help you introduce to others.”  That’s why we take films to several locations… to introduce them to a wide-range of audiences; to help filmmakers meet and interact with the folks who relate to their ideals; and to give everyone involved the opportunity to document an authentic response with reviews, interviews and media footage (often provided by campus newspapers and radio… as well as local professional news outlets).

It is true that the internet has provided new, inexpensive distribution pathways for independently generated content. Unfortunately, the internet is not great at helping filmmakers find an audience or at helping audiences locate films that live just one centimeter off the main distribution channel. That’s why our festival provides a direct link between independent-minded consumers of art and independent-minded manufacturers of art. It’s why we link old-school filmmakers with a tech-savvy student-population who can be the start of a social networking campaign or a ground-swell of word-of-mouth.  It’s why we introduce the next generation of filmmakers to the pros who know to get a movie made in an awful economy. And it’s why we believe the residents of America’s college towns are the perfect audience to provide constructive feedback to filmmakers desperate for an objective opinion. And it’s why we want you to hop on our bandwagon, why we want you to join on our barnstorming tour.

The point is, we know one thing for sure:  the distribution possibilities for indie films have to journey-beyond the art house. We believe our festival is the perfect place to launch that journey. Join us by attending our festival, where you might discover the next hot director or up and coming actor… and not just watch a movie, but be a part of its success.