The film industry is perhaps the most relationship driven business in the world.  For most of the professional world a college degree is a baseline requirement and as such is an entrée into the workforce.  The film industry is different.  It is a contract business – the projects are fixed duration and department heads have almost complete discretion with respect to hiring.  The hours are long and the stakes are high and a hiring mistake can have severe consequences.  All of this creates an atmosphere where established relationships are a significant factor in hiring.  The USCFF wants to foster a connection between higher education and vocation education and facilitate the formation of professional networking through internships.  Students will be able to find internships through our website and film makers will be able to post projects seeking interns. The relationships made through this program will offer graduates a point of entry into the professional world as well as provide distinguished alumni a framework to give something back to their programs. The internship programs would be based on affiliated institutions parameters, but would involve the granting of internship credit hours for successfully completed work on projects affiliated with the USCFF. This kind of hands-on learning and experience is invaluable for students who want to work in the industry. Moreover, the collaboration of students at institutions affiliated with the USCFF would guarantee audience interest at the institution, ensuring a built in fan-base.